1. finnishfood

    So glad the nisu recipe worked well for you!

  2. Kate

    Where in LA can you get fresh cardamon?

  3. Brooke

    I found fresh cardamom pods at Whole Foods in the seasonings section.

    The process of taking the cardamom out of the pods is pretty easy, just crush the pods with the back of your knife–like crushing garlic out of it’s “wrapper”– (or use a hammer like Finnish Food Revisited recommends) and pull out the fragrant seeds. The seeds are black and dense and should be ground in a mortar.

    Good luck!

  4. rosebychance

    I can almost smell the Pullah toasting! I actually purchase my cardamom from San Francisco Spice Co. Most reasonable in price but you do have to purchase 1 pound ( I think) But I freeze the seeds and they still are wonderful. I use about the same recipe which has been handed down for generations. I am second generation American. My recipe uses the same ingredients as nisu with the difference being in the method. It literaly melts in the mouth!! Oh my Aiti!! I have now handed the recipe down to my children. rosebychance@yahoo.com

  5. Paul Niemi

    I recently started trying my hand at cooking breads. When I decided I need to find one for Nisu since it was also one of my truly wonderful childhood memories and I now have children of the age I was when I first tried it. To my amazement I stumbled onto your recipe and started reading it and to my amazement you start mentioning memories of Gloucester, MA and Lanesville exactly where I first tried Nisu with my grandparents at the house where my father grew up. Small, small world. Strangely enough we supposedly have a cousin the moved to LA. Long story short I can’t wait to try this recipe and hopefully fill my children’s memories with happy thoughts of Finnish Sweet bread and hopefully culture.

    • 9/24/2011

      Paul, I’m so glad you found my site! Nisu is definitely a favorite childhood taste memory that deserves recreating! I have a feeling we have some family stories that intertwine! It ISA small world, especially in Lanesville! Let me know how the recipe turns out for you.

  6. Dottie whitten

    I cant wait to try this recipe also…… I have been thinking about this kind of bread since a lady that was Finnish
    stayed with us and she made it for us but I had lost the recipe years ago. Now I can make it….

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