It’s official. It takes five days for the Finnish teaspoon cookie to become a cookie.

Leave it to the Finns to make a cookie you have to wait almost a week for to enjoy. But when those five days pass, something truly incredible happens. The flavors become cohesive, resonant, gorgeous and linger on the tongue for whole minutes. My friend Leah clocked it and she says that the flavor lasts for more than a minute. Personally, I love that she timed it. My friend Susan is already requesting a new batch be made.

What’s so different now? Before, the cookie just tasted “unready”. There was an imbalance with the sugar, the flour and the browned butter. But now…Now there’s a nuttiness, a smoothness, a rich-soft saltiness, a buttery sweetness and a certain je ne sais quois that the passing of days imparts. It truly is incredible what a difference five days make.

So, my food loving friends, the Finnish teaspoon cookie really does need that time to mature.

God love the Finns for teaching me a good, old fashioned lesson in patience.


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