The Bakery World Cup

For many foodies, watching sports hardly ranks as a favorite weekend activity. Unless, of course, one counts the hours spent on the food network cheering competitive cooking shows like Iron Chef, Hells Kitchen and Top Chef.

After three long years of waiting, the Olympics are back. (No, not that Olympics.) The Bread Olympics, or the Coupe De Monde De Boulangerie, begins tomorrow in Paris. From March 29th until April 2nd, twelve international teams representing the worlds finest bakers will enter the heat of the battle at Europain to see who will bake the greatest breads in the world. In just eight hours, three team members from each of the 12 participating countries, must compete in four specific categories of baking:

Bread (baguette and specialty bread making), Viennese pastry (sweet, yeast risen pastries), Savory (sandwiches and savory rolls) and Artistic Presentation (artistic masterpieces based on country symbol). Organization, teamwork, degree of difficulty and team member competance will all be deciding factors in the judges’ voting.

The American Team, coached by bread maven and La Brea Bakery founder, Nancy Silverton, is this year’s gold medal defending champion. The American team, sponsored by the Bread Bakers Guild of America), consists of Chicagoan Peter Yuan, owner of La Patisserie P , Solveig Tofte, Baker/Chef of Turtle Bread Company in Chicago and Dara Reimers a baker and Pastry arts graduate of Notter School.

Go Team!


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  1. Anonymous
    March 28

    I’m looking for online updates regarding the competition, will you be posting news? If not does anyone know where I can get updates?

  2. White On Rice Couple
    March 30

    I’m excited about this, but wonder if it’ll be shown on TV. I would love tot see the bread competition, something I’m still wanting to get better at.

  3. Leah
    April 1

    Go Nancy!

  4. Anonymous
    April 1

    Brookie, I love your blog! The recepies are great! I loved to see familiar faces on the slide show! And I mean very familiar! The handsome guy on the Michigan cap and the beautiful woman on the blue dress with that gorgeous smile! LOVE YOU GUYS! Gaby de Cabrera, from Guatemala.

  5. Anonymous
    April 2

    Just want to let you know that Dara is a graduate of the Notter School, an experienced baker, and an aspiring bakery owner from Maine.

  6. Brooke
    April 2

    Thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to make the change to the blog!

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