Food declaration

declaration of independence

Hear ye! Hear ye all food lovers! Now is the time to make your voice of concern heard!

Sensing the need for a unified voice for change, Food created a declaration of intent to raise consumer awareness and increase our government’s responsibility to support wholesome food, animal welfare and healthy agriculture.

Based on the organizations mission statement, the Declaration is meant to provide:

1. A clear statement of what kind of policy is needed now, which is endorsed by a broad base of organizations and individuals with a long established commitment to a healthier food and agriculture.
2. An invitation to all Americans to join in the improvement effort by taking action in their own lives and communities and by offering them a way to call on policymakers to comprehensively support change.
3. A set of principles from which policy makers may craft policy that will lead to a healthier system. –from

Organized by Roots of Change, a handful of farmers, national leaders, writers, chefs, and food advocates joined together to create a document that demands agricultural and social justice for food growers and eaters alike.

Drafted and revised sixty times, the Food Declaration was written by a panel of well-respected and agriculturally minded people including Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, the poet Wendell Berry, and Jim Braun of Slow Food USA. The declaration was completed on August 16th, 2008.

To add your John Hancock and get more information about the declaration go here.


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  1. matt wright
    September 3

    This is awesome, and well needed. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!

    The more we can move away from “bad food, cheaply” the better.

  2. Anonymous
    September 4

    Food Wolf,

    Love the “HOPE” message-too good!
    Your skills as a photographer are
    amazing-you present the food so well.

    Thanks for the Alice Waters book-very enjoyable!

    Loves, Roy

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