Local pub stops crime in my neighborhood

from LAPD crime maps

The Village Idiot, a Los Angeles bar and restaurant, is partially responsible for the first successful apprehension of three armed robbers in the Melrose/Fairfax district. A fast thinking security bike officer employed by the local bar helped thwart an armed robbery in the process by three armed men and a woman driving the getaway vehicle.

At 12:20 a.m. the security officer from X-Zero approached Martel Ave. and Waring Street as a man held at gunpoint was being robbed by three men and a woman. The officer approached the scene without being observed and confronted the robbers’ look out man. The officer contacted a Melrose patrol unit in the vicinity of the crime. Fearing capture, the men quickly fled the scene. The X-Zero officer aided the victim and was able to give valuable descriptions of the suspects to the responding police units.

Police quickly arrived at the scene including a helicopter and K-9 units. Along with a sawed-off shotgun and clothing used for the robbery, three suspects were apprehended after a dozen residential blocks were blocked off and searched for several hours. The suspects, described as Hispanic males with shaved heads, in their mid 20’s, were arrested on the scene.

All of the victim’s valuables were recovered and there have been no reports of injury. This would be first arrest associated with the recent crime wave to hit Melrose Neighborhood.

The predominantly Jewish enclave of the Melrose/Fairfax district has recently been plagued by several armed robberies for the past few months. Traditionally a low crime area, the neighborhood has seen a huge spike in armed robberies of both pedestrians and local businesses such as the Coffee Bean—that brazenly take place both day and night. Jewish families, film and finance industry executives, students and concerned neighbors and businesses have joined together to return peace and safety to their streets.


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