You know things are bad when…

–you need to hire a beautiful woman to dress up in a Kimono and point customers towards your restaurant’s entrance.

Note to Kado restaurant: the problem is the restaurant, not the location. We know you’re there, the problem is how bad the service and the food is.

Last time I visited Kado restaurant (read: got up the courage to try sushi at the mall), we were horrified at how bad things were once we got upstairs. Both the sushi bar and the dining room were empty–leading us fearful guests to think the obvious question: how fresh could the fish at this place be if no one is dining here?

After a few minutes of waiting to be greeted, we had to seek someone out to seat us, ask someone else for menus and then, after more than 15 minutes without ever being greeted, we left. Actually, fled. We feared things could only get worse (read: get food poisoning).

The trick to getting customers to try your restaurant and come back, Kado, is to make great food and give great service. And please, let that poor girl do something other than point.


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