Barack, the food critic

If you could invite any three living people to dinner, who would you invite? Based on a recent, unscientific poll of co-workers, the most frequently invited guest to dinner was Barack Obama.

In what may be a first for many Barack-loving foodies, we find this clip (thanks Karen R. for the Los Angeles Times heads up!) of President Elect Obama on a never-aired 2001 public television show “Check Please.”

After seeing the video clip, I’m tempted to ignore my other two hypothetical invitees (sorry Alice Waters, sorry Ceasar Milan) and plan for a hypothetical dinner for two. What an amazing dinner that would be…

another cheesy political novelty, with typo
from flickr member mikeskliar


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  1. molly
    January 13

    i love that cesar milan was one of your top picks. he’s my new obsession, just above banana cream pie from Tartine in San Francisco.

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