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Thanks to a posting on Places for Writers I found this website for “The Kitchen Reading Series,” where authors read three minutes of their material–on videotape–in their kitchen.

Most of the writers featured in this first series are poets with a sprinkling of fiction/non-fiction writers. Though taped in authors’ kitchens, there isn’t a clear link between their work and the location.

Food Writers: A call to action!

If you have a video camera and short piece of literary material you’re proud of, I say submit your work! Clearly, there’s a need for food writers to represent themselves on their home turf!*

Of all the videos posted, I found Anna Leventhal’s reading of her work to be the most powerful. Though beautifully written and hauntingly staged, Leventhal’s reading does include some disturbing/offensive language.

*Anyone in the LA area care to loan me their video camera for a few hours? I’m very trustworthy. 🙂


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  1. white on rice couple
    January 24

    Did someone just ask for a video camera???
    give us the date, we’ll be there to tape your reading and edit it! Pre-production, post-production, it’s all us!

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