A Recipe for Becoming Guatemalan


Yo soy pura gringa. And yet, thanks to my husband, I am part of a beautiful Guatemalan/German family.

As a food lover and newly initiated family member, I thoroughly enjoy learning the histories of my husband’s family through food. Standing at the stove with my mother in-law, I discover the heritage dishes of the generations before and relish the bright, fresh flavors of comfort food from Guatemala.

In any culinary journey, the key to discovering the nuances of an unfamiliar territory is through comfort food. But eater beware. Once sampled, another culture’s comfort food has the power to beguile, distract and–most impressively–require further in depth exploration. One bite and suddenly you’re filled with a longing for that comforting flavor that can match the craving of the people that have been eating it all their lives. Tasting Mixtas for the first time, I suddenly wanted to hop a plane to Guatemala.

Mixtas, known as Guatemalan street food, is more than just a hot dog on a tortilla. Made with fresh and inexpensive ingredients, the mixtas is a hot dog rolled up with a refreshing lime-dressed cole slaw, delicate guacamole, green chiles and spicy hot sauce. A perfect mid day snack or late night bite on the cheap, a mixtas makes you wonder why you’ve never had a hot dog soft taco before.



Mixtas, or the Guatemalan Hot Dog Taco
From a Family recipe

1 package of fresh tortillas (corn), heated in microwave in a towel or warmed over gas flame of stove
1 package of hot dogs (beef or pork), cooked in boiling water
Guatemalan slaw (recipe below)
Guatemalan guacamole (recipe below)
Hot sauce (Tapatio or Sriracha)
1 can of green chili

Guatemalan Slaw
1 bag of shredded cabbage “angel hair” style (or thinly slice half of one cabbage)
Juice of one lime
2 tbs chopped cilantro
1 Red onion, minced
4 tbs Olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

Toss shredded cabbage with the juice of one lime, chopped cilantro and minced red onion. Drizzle with olive oil, enough to just coat the mixture. Season with salt and pepper.

Guacamole de Antigua

2 ripe Haas avocados
¼ red onion, minced
½ small lime, juiced
1 teaspoon of dried oregano
pinch of salt
1 can of green chiles (optional)

Remove meat of the avocado and mash with a fork in a bowl (or on a plate!). Mix in the red onion. Squeeze the juice of half a lime over the mixture–the citrus not only flavors the mixture it keeps the avocado from turning brown. Rub the teaspoon of oregano in your hand to release the herb’s oils and then add to avocado mixture. Add salt to taste.

To make mixtas:

Boil hot dogs in hot water. When done serve on warm tortillas (double up the tortillas if you prefer) with slaw, guacamole, hot sauce and green chilies.



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  1. Leah
    February 27

    Decadent! I think I need to try one of these on a hot summer day with a pale, refreshing beer, sitting on the beach. Thanks!

  2. MyLastBite
    February 28

    The kids are going to love these Mixtas!

  3. Helene
    March 1

    What in interesting way to eat hot dogs. Looks yummy.

  4. Jen
    March 2

    What a treat to be enjoying familial cultures through food and recipes. Both of the recipes you’ve written about so far are making my mouth water!

  5. Anonymous
    April 14

    The way you described them brings to mind all the time I share these with friends.

    Everytime you hear "HMMM WHYMMM HAVEMM I HADDMM THESSMMM BEFOREMM< GULP AHHH" as they talk with their mouth full…

  6. carolynn
    April 27

    OMG this is so weeeeird! did you tell NS about this? or morty? it’s weirder than the SNOOOPY–a grilled hot dog panini (sort of thing) that ol’ mort discovered late one night at pelicanos…

  7. carolynn
    April 27

    did you get my comment on this? i cannot tell if they go through. so complicato.

  8. PC
    December 13

    I’m Guatemalan.. If you like hot dogs, love guacamole, and like tortillas, trust me you’ll LOVE these!

  9. Eimy
    February 4

    Hello! I’m Guatemalan and I just wanted to add one more thing, if you want more flavor from the hot dog boil them with a little bit of vinegar, yes VINEGAR. Trust me, you wont regret it!

    • February 4

      Eimy, Thanks for the tip. I look forward to trying the vinegar trick!

  10. Dulce
    May 12

    It Definitely does NOT have

    Juice of one lime
    2 tbs chopped cilantro
    1 Red onion, minced
    4 tbs Olive oil

    its just repollo cocido, guacamole, salchicha y una mezcla de mayonesa & mostaza.


    • Food Woolf
      May 12

      Dulce, Everyone has their own recipe! This recipe comes from a native Guatemalan as well. Viva la difference!

  11. Dulce
    May 12

    trust me… i am from Guatemala and used to eat these everyday for lunch at school!

  12. Gabriela
    June 3

    I am from Guatemala, ans now I live here in Bozeman MT and married a gringo! 🙂 and he loves my Guatemalan cooking. and Mixtas are amazing! H loves it, plus it makes me feel closer to home!

  13. Deborah
    June 13

    Love mixtas. I am Guatemalan married to a Dutch living in the United States and we eat these a lot. Our kids love it.
    Everyone does have their own recipes but I will agree with Dulce. The recipe does not call for the extra stuff. I love cutting my hot dog in half and piling everything in!!

  14. Christian
    July 6

    Man…my baby made me this after an awesome 4th of July weekend…it was awesome…Im filipino and man this is an awesome dish…mwah love you baby.

  15. Gaby
    November 7

    The way the “slaw” is made depends on what part of Guate you are from.
    A city girl knows it is washed under hot water to give it a semi cooked texture and you add a bit of vinegar to give it a sour taste, it includes other ingredients but not culantro or red onion. The dog is topped with the slaw guacamole mustard and a bit of mayo. Brings back lots and lots of recuerdos. Enjoy them!!

  16. melissa
    May 23

    These are one of my favorite, we cut hotdogs butterfly style and fry them up,
    The guacamole i do the same avocado, real lime juice onion and oregano and salt ..

    Nice to see a bit of my culture online …
    Yep i agree their is definatly NO just one way to cook it…
    Thanks for posting this and spreading a bit if guatemalan recipies online !

  17. Martha Montufar
    November 11

    OMG! This brings me back. My family is from the City (Guate) and this was one of the first things I learned to cook…BUT we use sauerkraut not fancy slaw.

  18. Irene
    August 24

    I fry the hot dog (as in the shukos). Learned that from my mom! Angus hot dogs are the best for this recipe, I don’t even have to add oil, it fries with the grease of the hot dog.

  19. Angela
    September 15

    I’m Guatemalan and we use repollo cosido, mayonesa,ketchup,guacamole and tortillas!

  20. Karen Breitenstein
    May 13

    I am of German descent and my children are half Guatemalan from their Dad. Both my in- laws have passed away. We always enjoyed eating mixtas on the weekend. No matter what ingredients you add these mixtas will taste delicious. Now I am passing this tradition to my granddaughter who is half Greek. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Viva Guatemala

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