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It’s pledge time at KCRW, Los Angeles’ public radio station and home to the amazing culinary radio show Good Food, the international news program The World, sit-in-your-car-to-listen-til-it’s-over This American Life and inspired music programming. Though the state of the economy has hit us hard, KCRW needs everyone’s help to stay on the air. After the recent demise of Indy 103, one of LA’s most beloved independent radio stations, it’s clear that this is no time to sit back and do nothing.

If you live in LA and enjoy the programming on KCRW, please make a donation. I know times are tough. I’m sad to admit I haven’t always been able to afford to be a paying KCRW supporter–I’ve donated some years and volunteered when money in my budget was in the negatives. In this year’s pledge drive be sure to do something–KCRW needs all of its listeners to do what we can, however we can.

My generous friends Todd and Diane from White on Rice are making the donating process even more enticing for food lovers across LA. Listeners that donate at least $75 to KCRW can take part in one of their amazing culinary tours of Little Saigon (featuring a guest appearance by Evan Kleiman). And remember: ask for the White on Rice Little Saigon Tour!

Be sure to call in at 1-800-600-KCRW or go on line to give what you can. .
NPR is radio worth paying for.

Thanks to La.foodblogging for creating the Good Food video to remind food bloggers and food lovers alike to support KCRW.

NOTE: White on Rice’s donated prize is still in the works! Please stay tuned to KCRW’s Good Food to find out the details!


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