Food Blogging News: March 6

Welcome to the first ever Food Woolf weekly round up, where I feature some of the week’s greatest culinary stories and compelling food news.

1. Depression Cooking with Clare

Karen, my high-school best friend and avid food blog reader tipped me off to a series of heart warming cooking videos that feature a 93-year old cook and great grandmother. Clare, the host and historian of the cooking series, cooks resourceful Depression-era dishes and recounts her memories from the 30’s and early 40’s.

With budgets tight and many families facing lean times, Clare’s recipes are not only timely but offer great insights into making the most when times are tight.

2. Fired up about tipping
I work in a restaurant, so I take tipping very seriously. Surprisingly, so does food writer and NY Times food critic Frank Bruni. His insightful piece about tipping has gotten more than a few feathers ruffled and has inspired many other NY Columnists to chime in.

3. Food Woolf featured on Public Kitchen Radio
Here we go with the shameless self promotion: my feature on Boston’s Daily Catch Restaurant and Restaurant Week is featured on WBUR’s Public Radio Kitchen, Boston’s National Public Radio station.

4. SK’s Donuts Revisited:
A recent trip back to SK’s Donuts reveals that the classics (glazed and sugar raised) are remarkable expressions of fried dough. If you live in the Hollywood/Fairfax area of Los Angeles you have GOT to check out these donuts. They’re open 24 hours a day, so you have no excuse.

5. Bauer Seconds sale
If you live in the LA area and love great pottery, be sure to stop by Bauer Pottery this weekend for their annual Seconds Sale.

3051 Rosslyn Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Saturday & Sunday
March 7 & 8
10am – 5pm


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  1. MyLastBite
    March 7

    I can’t wait to check out Clare. Her photo simply warms my heart!

  2. White on Rice Couple
    March 7

    Nice round-up, Brooke. Congrats on the NPR feature. We, like you, taking tipping serious too. It is a good system in general, encouraging and rewarding good service (there’s always exceptions. We aren’t fans of the inclusive gratuity no matter the number at the table. Though for larger groups it’s totally understandable.) If people can’t hang, go fix and serve your own food.
    Donuts please! Todd.

  3. Carolyn
    March 7

    Great post.
    You have won a Kreativ Blogger award. You can download a picture of the award on my site. Please pay it forward to 10 people. Congratulations.

  4. matt wright
    March 9

    Congrats brooke!!!!!!

    Back in England a bunch of cookbooks from both world wars are being reprinted – money is tight, and these books are great for making the most of not a whole heck of a lot. The best part? There is some really pretty awesome food in them!

  5. Leah
    March 10

    Great finds, Brooke, and I love the new feature. You’re like a Google reader amplified! Can’t wait to check all these links out and congrats on the Public Radio press!

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