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A lot has changed since the culinary revolution was waged in the United States. The American gastronomic vocabulary has gone from limited to flowery. Restaurants of all kinds have flourished across the country, even in the most rural settings. Chefs have become TV stars. But for all the change that has occurred in restaurant and home kitchens across the country, one thing has remained the same: most adults long for a comfortable neighborhood bar.

And why shouldn’t we long to have a local bar to call our own? The human desire for a community “watering hole” has been around for thousands of years. So why, if our culinary culture has advanced so much, would it be so difficult to find a nice, comfortable bar to enjoy a pint or two?

Granted, in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles there are plenty of bars (read: scenester hangouts, dive bars, pick up joints, sports clubs and music venues), but there are few great neighborhood pubs that welcome the 25-55 crowd in all their under-dressed and over-dressed incarnations. What’s worse, with a city as large as LA, the only way to find a great locals’ bar is to either stumble upon it or find out through the neighborhood grapevine.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult

Bar*Food Interior

Though Brentwood is not my neighborhood, I was recently introduced to Bar*Food, a gem of a neighborhood bar, by its owner Jason Killalee*. An Irish actor (Fun Loving Criminals, In America) turned restaurateur, Killalee came up with his pub’s simple, fresh and under $10 bar food menu in a dream.

“I was trying to think of what kind of restaurant I wanted to run,” Killalee told me on a recent visit. “Then I saw it so clear. Why can’t you have a beautiful bar that has beer by the pint, no fancy-named wine by the glass, and simple bar food?”

A restaurateur is born

Welcome to Bar*Food

With twelve beers on tap and a handful of wines listed on the menu by varietal, Bar*Food intends to give people what they want. Not what culinary sophisticates want. “No one asks for a specific wine makers’ wine at a bar. They ask for a glass of Chardonnay or a glass of Cab, for f*s sake.”

Bar*Food menu

Bar*Food’s menu is simple and straight forward. Not trying to be anything beyond what it name implies, Bar*Food offers simple dishes that appeal to the hungry beer drinker. Broken down by flavor and temperature (salty, hot, cold and sweet), there is plenty to nibble on between pints. With salty snacks like olives ($4), edamame ($5) and frites ($5), customers can be sure to keep their wits about them as they drink pints of Fat Tire, Blue Moon and Mirror Pond.

bar food glass

“Hot food” offers a bit more than a nibble with larger portions and interesting takes on bar entrees. There’s a chicken pesto sandwich ($9.50), Mussels ($9.50) and Mac and Cheese ($8).

bangers and mash

I was thoroughly impressed with the bright flavors of the Thai bangers and mash ($9.50), a flavorful entrée sized dish inspired by his Irish roots and Thai girlfriend’s culinary background. Killalee sautees the Thai sausage and serves it on a bed of cilantro mashed potatoes. Other go-to dishes include the bar burger ($8.50) served with caramelized onions and bacon, and the elegantly simple Arugula salad ($7).

Though I have visited twice, I have yet to try the sweet section of the menu. I do look forward to trying the bread pudding ($6) and ice cream cones ($5)!

soju wall at Bar*Food

12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820.3274

Open every day but Monday
5pm – 12 pm

Jason Killalee in “Fun Loving Criminals

*Jason is a friend of mine.

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  1. Carolyn
    March 25

    As always, an excellent writeup. I wish I lived near here. This sounds like my kind of place. Love how the menu is organized.

  2. MyLastBite
    March 26

    I will go just for the Thai bangers and mash…. and a pint or two.

  3. Gourmet Chick
    March 26

    Interesting philosophy behind it. A similar thing is happening in London, the very trendy East Room which is a private members club/bar serves wine only designated by variety and country. It does make ordering simple for the consumer – you just trust that the sommelier has picked some good wines. Some people argue though that this disadvantages smaller wine producers as they cannot get their names and brands out there at bars.

  4. matt wright
    March 26

    great looking bar, really nice design work. Ballsy opening a new restaurant/bar in these times – Best of luck to Jason!

    Sounds like he has the perfect formula – limited quality menu of both food and drinks, nothing too foo foo (did I spell that right?), but interesting enough to make you go back.

  5. lillie
    March 26

    So glad you wrote this up. I hadn’t heard of it before, but will absolutely be visiting soon. Sounds simply delicious!

    And wait, it’s your husband’s place!? Lucky lady!

  6. Food Marathon
    March 27

    Jason from 3rd Stop? The old 3rd Stop before it became douchey?

  7. Brooke
    March 27

    Exactly Food Marathon! Exactly!

  8. Ruth
    March 28

    We were just in. Cheese plate, olives and an edamame like none other I’ve ever had — special black bean sauce tossed in offering a really fresh savory flavor. Very warm environment. We arrived just after opening, so Jason had a moment to welcome us. We’ll be back . . . repeatedly.

  9. Anonymous
    March 31

    Had the mussels, partner had the thai bangers and mash – to die for!! Will go back for the friendly service as well as great food

  10. Anonymous
    April 8

    I’m so glad you wrote this article as I hadn’t yet heard. I will definitely be stopping by. The Thai Bangers and Mash sound interesting!!

  11. Bigmouth
    April 24

    Any televisions? I’m not looking for a sports bar, but it would be great to nosh on quality food and drink while watching a game.

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