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Welcome to another round-up of this week’s top food news. Here are a few of the stories that got me fired up, excited and torn up.

Instant Alice
A fast-paced IM volley between myself and Spicy Salty Sweet about the 60 Minutes interview with Alice Waters inspired this fully IM’d post.

Growing Change at the White House
With $200 worth of seeds, the Obama’s will sow much needed change in the public’s perception of their connection to food with the planting of their White House garden. Minus the beets.

Goodbye to a Los Angeles food Institution

The food community sheds a collective tear of sadness upon receiving the news that after twenty years of business, The Cook’s Library on 3rd street plans to close. Between the bad economy and the power of internet book sales, it seems that the future for small, independent book stores is quite bleak.

Add This to Your Foodie RSS
The Atlantic Monthly introduces Corby Kummer’s food section and a Back of the House (kitchen) focused section for the culinary curious.

Where to Find Great Coffee in Los Angeles

A conversation with Los Angeles’ best independent coffee roaster, Angel Orozco, Founder of Cafecito Organico.


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