What's to love about LA (on Sunday)?

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Sundays in Los Angeles are special. Almost always beautiful, Sundays in the City of Angels is the most relaxed day of the week. Gone are the power suits, the high-heels and tight dresses; the uniform of choice is a mixture of well-worn jeans, ironic tee shirts, comfortable shoes (flip flops, Uggs and sneakers), hat (baseball or a hipster 50’s lid) and sunglasses.

At the Hollywood Farmers Market with Leah (SpicySaltySweet.com)

hollywood farmers market

I always see great art on Sunday.

Little Girl at Hungry Cat, LA

eye graffitiTerroni, LA


Hungry Cat Clam

artmuseum gappa

Sunday is my jam. If Sunday was music, it would play like an old copy of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Sundays are quiet as the Sunday paper; cozy as a nap on the couch; delectable as a leisurely brunch; meditative as a walk through the farmers’ market.

Hollywood farmers market, March 2009

Hollywood farmers market, March 2009

Pepe at Hollywood Farmers Market

Hungry Cat bar

Loteria at Farmers Market

The food on Sunday is always better.

Hungry Cat seafood platter

Hungry Cat oysters

Hungry Cat special brunch

Hungry cat fish and chips

Sundays are for a freshly made cocktail made with hand picked things selected with care. Sundays are for a cold beer in a pint glass or a crisp white with oysters.

sunday drinks

Sundays are for seeing old friends and family and meeting new characters.

May your next Sundays be soft and gentle, like kisses…

Images from Los Angeles Art Museum, Hungry Cat, Los Angeles, Hollywood Farmers Market, Terroni Los Angeles


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  1. Steve
    March 11

    Pepe alone is worth a trip to the market. Pepe with Cafecito coffee in hand is even better.

  2. MyLastBite
    March 11

    Your photos of Hungry Cat make me wish I went there instead of the Gold Standard event (on Sunday)!

  3. Leah
    March 11

    Too many good things to list about this one, B. Except that I’m so glad we get to share part of our Sundays. They’re just not the same without you.

  4. lillie
    March 11

    what a wonderful post! i whole-heartedly agree about LA sundays. a visit to the hollywood farmer’s market and LACMA are regulars on my route, too. and that guitar guy at the market is one of my favorites (:

  5. SinoSoul
    March 12

    very nice.. love the stainless steel bar @ HC. that’s just my fave seat in the house…

    and c’mon MyLastBite! you had a good time @ the Gold Standard! I know you did!

  6. Babe in Babeland
    March 13

    Beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts!

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