Pebble Beach Food And Wine: notes from the road

Nancy Silverton's Dessert Course at The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival
Nancy Silverton’s mind blowing chocolate dessert at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival

Wow. What an incredible 48 hours. Thanks to the generosity of Foodbuzz and my friends at Pizzeria Mozza, La Brea Bakery and the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival, I just experienced two full days of award winning dishes, hand crafted wines, restaurant industry gossip and culinary insights. Not to mention numerous chef-star spottings.

Jamie Lauren at The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival

After 6 hours of driving south from Pebble Beach, my head is swimming with details to share with you. But unfortunately, I’m sticky (it’s 90 plus degrees here in Southern California), road weary and delirious and can’t quite muster a focused post.

Nancy Silverton plates dessert course at The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival
Nancy Silverton plates dessert at the LA vs SF Michelin Starred restaurant dinner

Forgive the delay for a much needed shower, sleep and a home cooked meal…But I just had to share with you a just a handful of pictures. More details, stories and photos to come soon!

Jacques Pepin at The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival
Jacques Pepin in the house!

Michelle Bernstein at The Pebble Beach Food and Wine festival
The Beautiful Michelle Bernstein


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  1. MyLastBite
    April 21

    Jacques Pepin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    : )

  2. Leah
    April 21

    Wow! That 1.8 lens kicks photographic butt! Can’t wait to read your thoughts.


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