Food Blog News Weekly Round Up: May 19

A weekly round up of some of the week’s top national and Los Angeles-based food blogging news…

–The Federal Trade Commission is planning to require bloggers’ full disclosure of receiving freebies. Douglas MacMillan staff writer for BusinessWeek writes,

“The world’s more ambitious bloggers like to call themselves ‘citizen journalists.’ The government is trying to make sure these heralds don’t turn into citizen advertisers.”

–The New York Times introduces a new large format photo/video blog called The Lens. A visual coffee break.

–Frank Bruni, long time restaurant food critic of the New York Times leaves his weekly dining column to become a “writer-at-large” on the staff of The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Bruni writes a heartfelt letter goodbye while the food-intelligentsia are betting who will replace him.

–After much anticipation (and peering into paper covered windows and months of construction), The Farmer’s Kitchen–run by the nonprofit group, Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, that also runs the Hollywood Farmers’ Market–opened this weekend in Hollywood.

The Kitchen’s hours are still a work in progress, but are expected to be open on Sundays from 7:30 am until 2 pm and Tuesday through Thursday 11:30 am until 3 pm

–If you live in LA and are looking for something to do (before you die) LA Food blogger Caroline on Crack gives her bucket list of things to eat and do in LA.


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  1. white on rice couple
    May 28

    I have been addicted to the Lens blog since it was launched. I’m often moved to tears from the photographs.

    I’m loving this weekly round up series!

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