Weekly Round Up: June 12

Wrapping things up, so you don’t have to…

More tips from San Francisco food writer and server, Ella Lawrence, on how-to-be-a better diner. Some great points diners:
don’t linger after coffee
keep your valuables to yourself (the table next to you isn’t free real estate)
leave your cell phone in your bag!

If you’re still wondering how you can help dairy farmers, Dante & Kristin Hesse of Milk Thistle Farm, a popular New York organic milk farm, is offering shares for small investors interested in helping them raise money to build their own bottling plant and expand their herd. Only $850,000 needed.

If you love bacon and love to read, Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s has a new book coming out called Behind the Counter, a Guide to Better Bacon. A delicious read and excellent source for finding incredible bacon.

Food stuffs:

Helpful words on where to buy fresh coffee beans in your area.
Tips and tricks on how to cook and prepare leafy greens.
Grow your own veggies with these sustainable (and portable) raised beds!
–If you’re in need of a great kitchen island, Hay Stack Needle blog wrote up a few of her favorites and offers some interesting alternatives:


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