1. It’s freezing and rainy in SF this morning, and i could really go for one of these. btw, re: “Because when you’re desperate, substitutions are important.” truer words have never been written :-)

  2. 1/24/2010

    What a lovely post. We also have been in this soggy weather this week. It’s hard to believe that just a week ago we were in beautiful, warm Mexico! I agree that the handmade tortillas make me want to go out and buy some masa but the cool weather just doesn’t inspire the flavors. Thanks for sharing this warm recipe- sounds perfect for a rainy day! Stay dry!

  3. 1/25/2010

    Delicious! Perfect for the bizarre weather last week! :)

  4. Love all things chocolate… have been playing with it for weeks… a new chocolate is a great find, and maraschino and rum are an interesting pairing!

  5. 2/1/2010

    Thanks for having this recipe. It’s a long story but I absolutely had to make Mexican Hot Chocolate today. So I was so relieved when I googled it and your name came up. GREG

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