1. 5/4/2010

    couldn’t have said it better myself!!! I love having a quick meal up my sleeve to whip up when time is tight… and I also love spending the entire day in the kitchen if possible!!!

    The little 9 year old at my clients house spends at least 2 hours with me in the kitchen when I am at work and helps me cook! I love being able to teach her cooking techniques and how to eat healthy… if we could get more people to get their kids into the kitchen that would be so amazing as well!!

  2. 5/11/2010

    another fantastically written article by you, my friend! I totally agree. We need to spend more time in the kitchen. When we cannot however, you have hit the nail on the head. Keep it simple with top-shelf ingredients, and you are going to have one seriously tasty meal.

  3. terrin

    I read ruhlmans entire “rant” and well, he has a point….. You find time for what’s important to you- if the average american can find 3 hours to watch tv but only 30min to make food, well…..maybe they need to prioritize themselves, their families and meal times. I love a good chunk of bread with radishes- looks like lunching tommarrow for me!

  4. johanna

    i just tonight finally got around to having radishes–or radish-like things like baby turnips–WITH their tops not wilted in order to make this. (the wilting was my fault for not using them quickly enough!).
    and i have to say, this is THE yummiest sandwhich i have had in a very long time–(perhaps influenced by the seasonal aspect of this taste). i am ecstatic!! thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for creating this AND having the generosity to post it!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so did my very surprised hubby who was skeptical initially ;-). best dinner ever! THANKS!!!!!

    • Food Woolf

      So glad you enjoyed the radish recipe! Happy to hear ecstasy was reached via the consuming of a radish and that the husband’s perspective was turned around by the peppery little morsel.

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