1. 5/25/2010

    this was hands down the most AMAZING sangria I have ever tasted!!! If we had endless amounts of this and a bag full of chocolate chip cookies, I am confident that we could have sat on the beach the entire weekend and been perfectly content!

  2. 5/25/2010

    I agree with Gaby, this sangria was to die for. So full of fresh, spring flavors!

  3. 5/26/2010

    This looks gorgeous, and your description of home is so evocative. You made me want some juicy cherries. I look forward to trying this when we hit the dog days of summer, and I need a special cooling treat. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 5/26/2010

    I’m bookmarking this! Sangria is my favorite, but a memorable one is hard to find.

  5. 5/27/2010

    Who would not want to drink this???!!! This is going straight into the pile for weekend party drinks! Great timing for Memorial Day! thanx!

  6. It’s like a potable totem pole, with every element symbolizing something. And, damn, does it look good.

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