1. Great approach, healthy way to look at blog/traffic/business/etc. After reading CK’s recent post on The Current State of Individual Blogging, and struggling to keep my passion going when life gets in the way, this post mirrors my thoughts on what really matters.

  2. Kelly

    I love this approach, Brooke! My blog doesn’t have huge numbers and for a while I struggled with the approach to content I had–did I want to teach people? Show pretty pictures? Tell stories? What was I contributing to the Internet? For a while, I was certain there was a formula…the angle of a picture. The number of words. The fanciness of a dish. That damn readability test that my SEO plugin is always squawking about. And then, last month I decided to just do things my way…and to not beat myself up for it if I didn’t have thousands upon thousands of hits. I posted peanut butter eggs, something stupidly simple and thus a stray from what I’d normally do…and they went viral. And the number of offers I got doubled. And I sent out my first no (I usually passively delete after worrying that I’ll be blacklisted). It felt empowering and wonderful. Thank you for bringing refreshing posts to my blog reader and reminding me to stop and reflect every now and again :)

    • 3/30/2013

      Go Kelly! I’m so happy you’re following your bliss! Keep going!

  3. 4/19/2013

    Thanks for this post. Whenever I come to your blog, I find a grain of epiphany.

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