• 5/1/2013

      Thanks Heidi! I’m so grateful to have met you and had such a great chunk of time to talk with you on that big yellow school bus. What a great place to get to know each other!
      I look forward to getting to talk to you more in the future!

  1. Nice words, I think I fleetingly met you and glad that I did, here’s to the future…which will not be televised.

    • 5/5/2013

      Thank you Gerry. I’m so glad you came by. I especially appreciate the kind words! Great meeting you, too!

  2. I sooo enjoyed meeting you, Brooke. A gift I brought back home to Oregon!

    It was a fabulous time. Loved every minute.

    • 5/5/2013

      Thanks Sandy! It was great meeting you, too! What an incredible weekend for meeting incredible people like you! Thanks for swinging by!

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