Writing a Restaurant Consultant Workbook

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here lately. There’s a good reason, though. I’m almost done with my first draft of my e-book on how to become a restaurant consultant! Hooray!

I’m working hard to detail the steps I took to building my business as a successful restaurant consultant. I want my book to serve as a resource for anyone who wants to start their own consulting practice, creative business in the food industry, or be a private chef.

I’m eager to publish because I want to help as many people possible to find the answers to questions about starting their own business as a restaurant consultant or private chef.

Sharing the Answers

Every week I receive tons of email from people who are eager to express a desire for support, advice, and mentorship as they begin their own consulting business. It’s not easy to find your way as you start your own business. It’s even harder to find answers to the hard questions and align with people who can be generous with what they’ve learned along the way.

That’s why I’m writing a book that shares all that I’ve learned since starting my consulting practice four years ago.  When I started, I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to share with my their process. Competitive research and networking helps. Attending seminars and reading business books improves understanding. Mentors can share with you their experience. But only you can answer the tough questions about what kind of business you want to build and how you want to do it.

In my book I’ll answer the top three questions I’m asked about starting a restaurant consulting business:

How much should I charge?

How do I start?

Will this work? 

In addition, I’ll give readers the tools they need to answer some even bigger questions about what kind of business they want to build for themselves. This book is designed to be a guide that will lead readers through a proven business-building process that allows each individual to define and create a solid infrastructure for a unique and successful business. This book is designed to answer the hard questions about starting your own consulting business.

Accountability Partners

So now that I’ve told you about what I’m doing, I’m on the hook to deliver on my promise. I’m sharing with you my plan to self-publish this book so you can be a witness to my pledge that I am going to ship this thing!

Get involved!

If you are interested in starting your own restaurant consulting business or are considering starting a creative business in the food and wine industry, leave a question about starting your own business in the comments section.  I will answer your questions here, via email, or incorporate the answer into my book. Stay tuned.

If you think that you would like to start your own restaurant consulting business and need some coaching through it, sign up for my site’s newsletter.  I want to keep you posted on the release date of my book, giveaways, and other incentives for buying my book!

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding! I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


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  1. Ernie
    September 28

    Hello. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that you are one of my inspirations. I am excited to read that you are writing a book on restaurant consulting. I hope I can be the first to buy your book! Keep up the great work.

    • October 4

      Thank you Ernie! I’m so glad I can be of service to you! I look forward to having you be one of the first to buy my book, too!

  2. ChristoffJ.We
    October 15

    I appreciate your writing and insights. I too, have a Service& HoSpitallty blog, entitled Soupfly. I invite you to check it out.
    I recently started my Service and Hospitality Consulting company, ASPIRE Enterprises.
    I look forward to your Consulting manual-it will be very valuable for people like myself. I’d like to connect/talk with you sometime. I have a couple other projects you may find interesting.

    Christoff J. Weihman
    ASPIRE Enterprises

  3. December 14

    Hey there, your site was one of the first that came up when I was searching for information on starting a consulting business. I have no idea where to start, or what one does, just that I have a passion for this business that I want to give the best value for a restaurateur that is failing or needs that helping hand. I look forward to your book, and perhaps I can contact you for some mentoring…

  4. Mark Millner
    January 21

    Very interested in getting your book and your newsletter.
    Thank you
    Mark Millner

  5. Jasmine Hucks
    May 18

    I would like to know how I can start my business and how I can gain clients? I have worked in quick service restaurants for over 10 years and I would like to help different restaurants retain employees and make profit

  6. Patrick King
    August 7

    I would love to purchase your e-book! Is it currently available and how can I order it?
    Also, I am working with my very first client as their F&B consultant and we are trying to negotiate a wage for my services. I have 22 years of FOH & BOH experience from dining room manager to sous chef as well as F&B Director titles. Any ideas on what I should charge would be greatly appreciated!

  7. John Caforio
    August 8

    I am in the process of starting my own restaurant consulting business, and really looking forward for your book to answer some of those important questions you are speaking of.

  8. Malin Parker
    August 13


    So nice to “find” you online!

    I have been working in the back of the house for nearly 30 years, and am interested in becoming a consultant, with an emphasis on menu / recipe development.

    I look forward to using you as a resource!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Malin Parker

  9. AJ
    October 19

    Has anyone heard from Brooke about her ebook for restaurant consultants?

  10. Gabriel Gonzalez
    January 4

    Thanks you so much for the inspiration that you have giving me. I want to start a consultant business and Im looking forward to read your book.

  11. Roman
    October 4

    Hi, I recently started looking into restaurant consulting because I want a change of setting to use my process improvement skills (my background is industrial engineering and internal consulting now). Where can I find your book? I’d love to discuss further via email.

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