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February 23 / Culinary landmarks
Photo Courtesy of Terrine Restaurant
Photo Courtesy of Terrine Restaurant

Great service isn’t an accident.  It’s a studied art that when performed at a high level seems effortless. Truly great service is a skill that is perfected through practice and commitment. When it’s done flawlessly, the effect can elevate an entire experience.

Impeccable service lights up a room. It has a resonance that reverberates. Memorable service can feel like a tuning fork when hit just right: it can clean up the airways and soothe away discord. Great service has the power to make people happy to be alive and grateful to be present in the moment.

Memorable service is a high bar that people can spend a whole lifetime chasing.

Witnessing (or even better, receiving) incredible service can be awe-inspiring. My experiences with truly exceptional service kind of sparkle and glow in my memory. Witnessing great service is just important to me too. I marvel at the skill, the talent, and the seeming effortlessness of the act of doing big and small things for people—regardless of recognition.

Unexpected kindnesses—a door opened, a pair of reading glasses delivered for menu reading—or a masterful adjustment—a dish is moved before a guest mistakenly knocks it over, a glass is refilled before the guest notices it is empty—are subtle moments in service that take my breath away. Read the Post Impeccable Service Served at Terrine

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