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Amy Sedaris is one funny bitch.*

Known to many as the odd-ball sister of the odd-duck author, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris is many things–an outrageous comedian, unhinged actress, author, and quirky pastry chef.

Today in a Q & A with Cookthink, an on line food magazine, Amy Sedaris is asked about her love for food. In a classic Sedaris response to being asked what she would like to die with in her stomach, she replied, “a knife.”

More of the Cookthink interview

Cookthink: If heaven exists, what do you hope they have on the menu?
Sedaris: Spirits

Cookthink: If you came back as a fruit or a vegetable, which one would it be?
Sedaris: Strawberry. I like the idea of seeds on the outside.

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that David Letterman’s production company penned a deal with Sedaris and her “Stranger’s with Candy” writing/acting partner, Paul Dinello. The pair will create, write, and star in an unnamed series for 20th Century Fox. Let’s hope the show has something to do with food or her obsession with her pet rabbit. Then again…Knowing Sedaris, she might mix the two obsessions together and cook her beloved rabbit for comedy’s sake.

Sedaris drew a curious and dedicated fan base with her former Comedy Central series “Strangers with Candy” that she starred in with Dinello and Steven Colbert. In the series, her middle aged character, Jerri Blank–a self-admitted “boozer, loser and two time user”–leaves prison after several decades and decides to return home to start over where she left off. As a student at the local high school.

Here is a hillarious clip of Sedaris on Martha Stewart’s show while promoting her book, “I Like You, Entertaining under the Influence.”

*I come from a fisherman’s village where swearing is not only allowed, but encouraged.


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