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Dr. Paul Levy, the man who purportedly coined the term foodie, has come up with another keeper. Following some intensive research on the cooking habits of British men, he’s created a lexicon that describes a new breed of pleasure seeking men in the kitchen: the Gastrosexual.

In Emergence of the Gastrosexual, a new study commissioned by food company PurAsia, recently reported data showing that a growing number of food loving men spend time in the kitchen as a way to define themselves and their relationships.

The Gastrosexual, Levy explains, is someone that loves food for more than sustenance. According to the study, the gastrosexual enjoys the sensuality of cooking, the richness of experiencing good food and the effect it has on others. This new breed of food obsessed men are upwardly mobile 25 to 44-year-olds that cook not only as a hobby but to impress, and even seduce, a partner.

The Gastrosexual believes that men in the kitchen can still be manly. According to study findings, popular macho chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver paved the way for these gastronomically excited men to feel comfortable—and sexy—in the kitchen.


The men interviewed are not just occasional chefs, the study shows. These food loving men cook frequently and believe that time spent in the kitchen is the most creative and enjoyable aspect of domestic work. What’s more, gastrosexuals cook for potential lovers as well as friends. The study showed that men often hosted dinner parties in their house as much as once a month. Most gastrosexuals enjoy cooking a wide range of foods, especially Asian foods, which is good news for food companys like PurAsia.

One interesting problem facing the culinary Romeo’s, however, the gastrosexual hates cleaning up. Let’s hope the lucky recipients of all this culinary love enjoy washing dishes.

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