Movie Picnic

Movie picnic

When times are tough some of us tighten our belts, cut corners, and save. Then, there are credit-loving others, that are quick to ignore their true finances and throw down plastic cards for the exciting whim that catches their eye.

I can go for long periods of time spending almost no money and then, like a dieter that finally sees results, I decide to treat myself. The trick is finding a reward that won’t break the bank. Because sometimes, it’s the getting of a reward that can ruin even the best behaved.

I’d like to wager that there’s a little bit of both extremes in all of us. So for the big spenders in all of us, I propose a new kind of entertainment:

The Movie Picnic

Skip dinner and movie and have a picnic in the theater! Make your favorite picnic foods and buy tickets to the great new film. Before the lights dim, pour a glass of wine and help yourself to your gourmet picnic!

–cured meats
–a mason jar rillette or pate
–A selection of cheese, one hard (Manchego), one medium (goat gouda) and one soft (brie, camembert).
–Candied or mixed nuts
–A mini baguette or fruit and nut loaf
–Fruit, an apple or a pear
–Bottle of wine (a sparkler, rose, white or red!)
–a bottle of sparkling water
–Chocolate bar for dessert
–home made cookies

Pack a handful of kitchen towels. Towels do double duty as both a napkin and a way to protect wine glasses. I always pack our thick, glass Crate and Barrel “O” wine glasses for a touch of unexpected fanciness.

Bring one extra kitchen towel for any surprise messes, a mini cutting board if you have one, a wine opener and a cheese knife.

“Movies! Movies!”


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  1. ann kirk
    October 24

    oh brookie, have i ever told you how much i love muppets? thanks for that! i just laughed my ass off! xo ak

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