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Obama with Donuts in DC, originally uploaded by p373.

I woke up this Election Day like a kid on Christmas morning. My eyes fluttered open, hours before I usually awake. I excitedly pulled back the covers and scampered from bed. I showered and dressed in a handful of minutes. I was eager to get to the polls and make my vote count.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was plagued with cravings. I desired a gift I’d been dreaming of for years. And, unexpectedly, I hungered for a food that could match my dreams of a sweeter future.

In a word, I craved donuts.

From the minute my eyes opened, I hungered for powdered sugar and fried dough. When I took my shower, I imagined a pink box filled with frosted crullers, honeydews, chocolate donuts, and Boston Creams. As I dressed before my mirror, I schemed. The only justification for something as decadent as donuts, is to share them with as many people possible; truly, a shared sin is a much easier sin to bear. So what better place to succumb to the peccadillo of donut eating, than in a line of ballot-casting, patriotic neighbors?

I suggested my confectionary idea to my husband at the local coffee shop, but he refused to participate in my calorie-rich indiscretion. After offering to accompany me on my trip to the donut shop and observe me in dietary indulgence, I conceded to ignore my sugary craving and head straight for the polls.

Without even a crumb of fried dough in my stomach, I joined the line of men and women preparing to do their civic duty.

Voting in Los Angeles

I carefully cast my vote, one black circle of ink at a time. When I was finished, a woman with curly hair presented me with a sticker that read “I voted” and in a sing song voice she offered, “Thank you for participating in the democratic process.”

As I left the polling station my craving for donuts left me. The only desire I can allow is my candidate winning this presidential election.

Voting in Los Angeles


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  1. Mia
    November 4

    That is so weird because I woke up with the exact same craving. I think it was the Krispy Kreme free donuts if you vote give away that had them on my brain.

  2. elizabeth
    November 5

    Loved this posted. I too have the donut craving on occasion. I have a jar on the counter that I drop a dollar into when I get it. This is the only way that I can stop the “one donut deserves another” form of cascading diet failure.

  3. Sharon
    November 5

    Horray for voting! And mmm… donuts!

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