Old Testament Foodies, Lego Style

Ever find yourself surfing the Internet via Stumble Upon (a randomizing search engine of popular websites), and land on a website that you have no business being on?

Curious, you look a little longer than you should. You snoop around. You click on a few links, just to see where they bring you…

Well friends, that is exactly what happened to me today when I stumbled across the Brick Testament, a website that offers well produced re-enactments of Old Testament Bible stories…with Legos. It was just so strange, I just had to share this with you.

Click around the site long enough and you start to wonder if maybe, maybe this Rev. Smith has a secret, secondary agenda. I don’t know. Call me crazy…but there’s definitely something naughty going on over there at Brick Testament…

It’s a strange, strange world out there my friends.


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