Food Woolf featured on The Kitchn

I have been skipping with excitement ever since I got an email from Faith at the Kitchn that my top-ten favorite things in my kitchen story was picked to be their first reader feature this Sunday!


For those of you unfamiliar with The Kitchn (a sister site to Apartment Therapy) this beautifully designed and well-written site features a bevy of visual and literary inspirations for the home cook. The Kitchn site is dedicated to offering readers kitchen design ideas, food stories, recipes, shopping hints, insights and national food trend news. If you love great design and you love to cook, this site is for you!

The point of all this gushing is to say that I’m very excited to see Food Woolf up on their pages. It’s a great honor and an exciting event in the life of my little blog. A million thank you’s to Sarah Kate, Faith and the Kitchn team for giving me the chance to spend some time over at the Kitchn!

(Skip, skip, skipping away!)


Brooke Burton nominated for best food writing

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Food Woolf Written by:

Brooke Burton is an Los Angeles-based restaurant professional and hospitality expert. She is a freelance food writer, speaker, and co-author of The Food Blog Code of Ethics.


  1. Carolyn
    February 22

    Congratulations, Brooke! Keep up the great work! I loved that piece.

  2. lillie
    February 22

    just discovered your blog through your feature on the kitchn. (congrats on that!) delighted to have found another MA-to-LA transplant. i am looking forward to reading more about your foodie thoughts and experiences!

  3. SteamyKitchen
    February 23

    I saw that!!!! Congrats honey

  4. Jen
    February 23

    Congrats lady! You’re on a roll! :) I read the Kitchn e-mails each week and adore them also. So psyched for you!

  5. matt wright
    February 23

    wahooo! Congrats!! I love that site. Cast iron is just awesome isn’t it!

  6. MyLastBite
    February 23

    Well deserved!

  7. Food, she thought.
    February 25

    I love your kitchen. Makes me wish for a more individualized style of my own. loves.

  8. JTAlley
    March 10

    CONGRATS! skip-skipping with you!

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