1. Wow; these pictures are beautiful. I’ve never been to Michigan but this is unreal! Great post and I enjoy reading your blog..wonderful content! I’m looking forward to meeting you in San Fran this weekend for the Foodbuzz Festival!

  2. 11/9/2009

    It was great meeting you at the Foodbuzz conference–thanks for the memories of Michigan and Ann Arbor. We’re both heading back there for Thanksgiving!

  3. 11/10/2009

    As a former Michigander who grew up in Plymouth I think this post is spot on. All of my favorite places wrapped up in one post.

  4. Michigan is my home state! When you mentioned good eats, the first thing I thought of was Zingerman’s. They made my wedding cake – best vanilla bean cake with raspberry preserves and lemon curd, with fresh, fluffy buttercream frosting I have ever had…

  5. nudnik_numan

    zingermans deli opened in 1982, but began diversifying itself into the various parts (i.e. bakery, creamery, roadhouse… ) as you said, in the 90’s. also …

    GO TO ANGELO’S IN ANN ARBOR FOR BREAKFAST. yes it’s in all caps for a reason. also a few fine restaurants that are newer (last 10 years) to the area are: the grange, focusing on local food, eve, with it’s talented and dishy chef and vinology, where i’ve had some of the most memorable meals and wines of my life.
    kerrytown is also home to the best sushi and traditional japanese food in the great lakes/rust belt. it’s right next to eve no, it’s not the midwest.

    the next time you are in the detroit area, make sure to check out buddys or shields pizza or any other pizza place that’s been around for decades. detroit has it’s own distinctive pizza style. square, semi dish, with sauce ladled in alleys on top of the cheese, toppings under the cheese. a bit of a sicilian influence.
    or the eastern market in detroit. just look it up on google images. the detroit area has so much to offer a foodie in the know.

    if you miss it, move back you quitter.

  6. Vincent

    Nice post. I’ve never been to MI, this Zingermans sounds like a reason to make my way over there…love good deli sandwich! I like middle eastern pastries too…but I have to say I’m not shatila’s biggest fan. If you want the best pastries I would have to say check out http://www.mansoura.com/. I ordered from here….pastries to die for!

    Happy eating!

  7. Mary

    I found a much better place to order middle eastern sweets and arabic sweets online. It is http://www.albohsali.com. Besides the great website, they have the best packaging I have even seen. And the Baklava is from a different world.

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