1. 12/21/2009

    I swear I don’t patiently wait by my computer waiting for you to post! :) okay fine… maybe I do…

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I am making this contorni for my mom and dad for Christmas – and they are going to love it! I might have to get the squash before I fly home because they just dont have as much fabulous produce in Seattle as we do here in L.A!

    p.s. the print function looks fab!

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful side dish! I developed a love for acorn squash this year, but this delicata squash looks fantastic! I just might make this for our Chirstmas dinner!

  3. 12/22/2009

    I would happily devour this all by itself … there are few sauces I like better than browned butter and sage! Nummy :)

  4. 12/22/2009

    Delicata is my absolute hands down favorite squash. I love it baked and completely plain, but this sounds so so so much better. Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe!

  5. 10/11/2010

    I’m so making this! My delicata squash is staring at me, and it’s time to use it. :)

  6. Allison White

    Great recipe! I love squash :) It’s a great source of vitamin B. I found some great recipes in a book called Health On Your Plate that are similar! Thanks for sharing!

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