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Food Blogger Holiday Gift Ideas 2009

It seems like everyone I meet nowadays is a food blogger. We’re a unique bunch of people that obsess over food, eat like it was our job, snap pictures of everything we eat, and collect cookbooks like they were trading cards. We’re the kind of people that hope we get gift certificates to our favorite restaurants or Williams Sonoma.

But when it comes to unique gifts for a food blogger–things start to get difficult. Gadgets, tchotchkes, and other random food related gifts don’t always hit the mark.  So should you be hoping to find a little guidance this holiday season, this food blogger offers her gift giving guide for the culinary obsessed. Because it takes one to know one.

Wire sculpture

Wire Sculpture: I start off with this little gem because 1) I made it myself. 2) I’m super excited about launching my new Etsy Shop. Though this item sold out within the first five minutes of me opening my shop (Thanks My Last Bite!), I am available to make a sculpture of any food (or non food) related item for your food loving friend or family member this Christmas…Or any holiday for that matter. Contact me with your great idea and I’ll make a beautiful, three dimensional wire sculpture for you. Cost: $40-200, depending on size.

i am not a cup

Not-the-Usual Ceramic Mug: Since most bloggers are in a permanent state of lock-down at their computers, coffee breaks to the local Starbucks can be viewed as something of a luxury. So rather than interrupt one’s bloggling flow, as it were, I suggest purchasing one of James Burgess’ clever “I am not a paper cup” ceramic cup for their favorite food blogger. Coffee will stay warm longer and they will have the experience that they’ve ventured out into the world that’s beyond their kitchen. Cost: $18.

credit card cutlery

Cultlery for the On-The-Go Food Blogger: One never knows just when a meal needs to be consumed. Any food blogger worth their dot com must be willing to pull over and take a detour in the name of eating. But sometimes these little voyages can get messy, especially when there isn’t any silverware in sight. That’s why you need to get this set of credit card cutlery for all of your favorite food blogger’s. For once, a credit card that actually lives up to the slogan: don’t leave home without it. Cost: $12.

ice igloo Christmas gift idea

Ice Cube Tray of the Future: Food bloggers, as a group, are known to be fond of the drink. Wine, beer, cocktails, you name it. For those cocktail loving online writer types, I include this Ice Orb as a great and inexpensive gift that will be sure to charm them. This upright ice tray system makes over twenty ice cubes and also doubles as a chiller. Cost: $16.

oven mitt apron

Greatest Textile Invention Since The Oven Mitt: Okay, who ever decided that there really should sew oven mitts into an apron is a genius. Save the delicate fingers of your favorite food-obsessed writer for just $25.

Pewter spoons

Artful Spoons: You can pretty much bet on the fact that your food blogger has at least one set of measuring spoons. But a set of hand-formed, pewter measuring spoons so photo worthy they could take center position in a sexy food-porn shot? I bet not. Made by a husband and wife team in Fall River (Massachusetts?), their handmade gifts are pure art.        Cost: $42.

vandalized vintage

Vandalized Flatware: It takes a certain kind of person—a very special person—to dedicate whole chunks of their life to food. Food lovers and gourmet obsessives have a tendency to be a bit, well, off. Which is why Vandalized Vintage might have a perfect something in their shop of hand-painted antique china for one of your unique food blogging friends. Be aware, however, that some of Vandalized Vintage’s unique designs have some rather racy content. Not for young eyes. Cost: $20-$40.

Canon DSLR

Camera Upgrade: If the blogger in your life is still using a point and shoot and has pushed the limit to the pre-programmed “flower” setting for all of their food close ups, then maybe it’s time you give an gift certificate for a down-payment on Digital SLR. Or, if you’re feeling really generous, then I suggest getting this entry level Digital Canon. The Rebel XSi is a great camera (the one I use), won’t break the bank, and it can take some incredible pictures.  Cost: $650 with a lens kit from Amazon.


Essential Tools: There are certain kitchen tools that, should they remain unused and hidden on a shelf, be considered worthy of the title ‘gadget’. But if said kitchen tool is used every day, would it not be fair to say that it deserved the title “essential”? Though I don’t have a Kitchen Aid (hint, hint), I can say without a doubt it is the kind of gift a food lover would use on a weekly basis. My friend Leah does, and her fiancé is thanking his lucky stars that she learned to master pasta making on that thing. Many a blog post has a kitchen aid inspired. Cost: $350.

Other great gift giving ideas:

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Would love to hear if you’ve done a round up that you’re proud of or found a great list that you’d like to share. Please leave your Gift Giving Round Up URL in the comments!

Oh, and one final idea, for those with a very limited budget:  Make a meal with your food blogging friend. The experience itself will be an incredible gift.


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    I love it all! The ice cube maker is amazing – I need one immediately! And your artwork IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. December 16

    Your wire sculpture tops the list and I’m kind of in love with the “this is not an apple” piece as well as your site! Cheers to Virginia Woolf, Marcel Duchamp, food, writing, and waiting tables!

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