1. 7/10/2010

    This doesn’t happen often, but I just got in the car and ran out for a bottle of bourbon so that I could do this with the monster container of cherries I picked up yesterday afternoon.

    After waking up with a stomach ache, I knew I could not continue to devour that box or I’d be in a bad way, and was thrilled to read your blog post this afternoon. Now I’ve got to get into the kitchen and work my way to cherry stained fingers with my pitter.

    Thanks for the GREAT idea!

  2. This is wonderful! If I made it now, would it still be fabulous for C’mas time – I’m assuming the liquor would be, but does the taste get too bitter or anything with time? I think these would be amazing gifts. Also love your pictures and can you share where you got the bottle – it gives a real Old World classic feel to the setting.

  3. Look at you making your own booze. I LOVE it!! I just polished off a cherry sauce I made this morning….think about how great I would be feeling right now if it was paired with this drinky….xxoo Llovely photos too!!

  4. so loving this post! cherries should be an all year long fruit!!! this is the perfect picnic fare (hint, hint) xx

  5. Adam J

    I’m trying this recipe, and it’s been a couple weeks. I now have 3 cherries floating on top of the bourbon, and the rest are still on the bottom. Are the floating cherries bad? The mason jar is sealed tight and hasn’t been opened. But it worries me that some of the cherries are above liquid level! What’s your opinion?

    • 5/23/2012

      I can’t say that I am the ultimate expert on bourbon soaked cherries, but I would say toss the three random cherries just to be safe. They should be pickled by now, though! How does it taste?

  6. […] Summer is cherry season so why not liquor them up. These take a while to soak up the booze so make sure you plan ahead. If you have the motivation though, these guys pack an incredible punch. And who would suspect the perfect summer fruit to be getting you perfectly drunk? Learn how to make these here. […]

  7. Jeff Judd

    can this be done with vodka?

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