1. I’ve always had problems using restraint when making caramel sauce too! Once I went ahead and stirred and it turned grainy and then separated. I poured it out and tried again only to discover that you really aren’t supposed to stir! :)

    What a great analogy. Now whenever I make caramel I’ll think of you and how at times I need to step back, let go, and let the process happen.

  2. 9/2/2010

    I’m hit or miss when it comes to caramel sauce…I’ve been wanting to make the Vietnamese style for a while. Can’t wait to see how you used it!

  3. This is the sauce for me! It perfectly suits my tendency to just leave things alone and let them work things out for themselves. Laziness, I think they call it in other contexts.

    For a character-building recipe, I need just the opposite — something with highly detailed instructions that you have to follow to the letter, paying constant attention. Maybe Marcella Hazan’s risotto, that you have to stir continuously, counterclockwise, with a 14-inch wooden spoon.

    Nice post, Brooke!

  4. My first instinct would be to stir & my second would be to dump this all over ice cream. Love control, this would be a very hard lesson in restraint as you say. This sauce must be wonderful as a grill sauce. Thanks for sharing some Vietnamese culture with us! xo

  5. 9/6/2010

    Smiled wryly when I read this post Brooke. Def’ly one that’s resonating with me right now! Will think of your sweet sauce as I try and let go :-) Sonnda

  6. Tam

    Ahhhh! Thank you for your clear instructions. I’ve tried 2x from different recipes and both of them didn’t say anything about not stirring so they didn’t turn out right. I’m excited to try it again!

    • Food Woolf

      PS, I watched a YouTube video on how to make the sauce, which really helped. Sometimes seeing how to do something once really helps!

  7. Rebecca

    My first attempts at making this were a disaster, until I found this recipe and I nailed it immediately and refuse to attempt any other proportions of sugar and water. I continued to make it on my crappy rental home electric burner anytime the jar ran out. However, upon upgrading to a new rental home with a gas range, I found myself screwing it up FOUR times until I realized I was letting it come to a boil too quickly. Once I turned it down a bit down I was successful again. I don’t know if anyone will run into this problem, but thought it would be worth mentioning. And thanks foodwoolf!

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