Impromptu Ramen Bowl Party, Project Food Blog Challenge #3

A Make Your Own Ramen Bowl Party
A Make Your Own Ramen Bowl Party

Having a night off from work is a luxury for most restaurant professionals. Since bars and restaurants earn most of their income after the sun goes down, most food industry employees keep vampire hours. We punch in after dusk, work when most people are relaxing (or sleeping), and are left to spend time with friends after the witching hour. I’d even venture to say that if you were to chart the hours of chefs, sommeliers, waiters and bartenders you’d think you were looking at Vampire Bill’s stats.

So when I got the exciting news that readers had voted me through to the third round of Project Food Blog*, I knew I didn’t have much time to prepare. Luckily, I’ve held plenty of impromptu dinner parties in my adult life, so I knew just what to do. I would throw a party where all my friends could get creative and eat some delicious Asian-inspired comfort food.

Party Tip: Throwing a great dinner party doesn’t have to mean spending hours and hours getting ready. Stay focused. Stick with a theme.

Make-Your-Own-Ramen Party

Since my dinner party would be held during after hours, I would need to serve dishes that were simple and straightforward, and would have to be easy enough to accommodate everyone’s post-restaurant/food writing schedules. I decided to offer two courses that would give guests a fresh new look on two of Asia’s most convenient comfort foods–Vietnamese spring rolls and instant ramen.

Fish balls at Thai Town Market *insert giggle*

Keeping in mind the advice from chef friends–cook what you know—I purchased fresh ingredients at the local Asian market in Hollywood’s Thai Town. I kept my eyes open and my creativity sharp in order to find unique ingredients for my dinner party spread. I sought out complimenting items that could add texture and interesting flavors to Vietnamese hand-rolls (my take on a wrapper-less spring roll) and bowls of instant ramen. I grabbed fresh Thai basil, jalapeno, bean sprouts, pressed/fried tofu, Sriracha, and for fun, I took a chance and added to my cart a package labeled “fish balls” (a kind of rounded fish cake).

Party Tip: If you don’t live near an Asian market, you can find many great ingredients on line. You can even order an exoti assortment of ramen through RamenBox (a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in selling some of the world’s tastiest instant ramen noodles via the internet)

The Set Up

Back at home there wasn’t much prepping to do except chop vegetables and set up a number of pots to boil water for each guest’s soup. My husband pulled out a stored away card table for staging ingredients and set the dining room table with plates, vintage mixing bowls (to hold generous portions of soup), and chopsticks. We made sure the fridge was well stocked with bottles of sparkling water, beer and wine for when the guests arrived.

Party Tip: Prep as many of your ingredients before the event as possible. Staying organized is an important step in making sure your event goes smoothly.

Party Tip: Allowing guests a role in your dinner party makes for a much more entertaining evening. Guests feel a sense of accomplishment when their dish turns out beautiful and tasty.

A delighted guest at my Project Food Blog Dinner Party

Guests Arrive

Guests came prepared for a night of playing with their food.  Along with their offering of a handful of ingredients pilfered from their own kitchens–left over chicken breast would make for a great featured ingredient for the handroll, as well as a head of organic broccoli from the farmers market for floating in the ramen–my friends brought with them a sense of humor and curiosity. All important ingredients for any play-with-your-food event.

My husband offered glasses of chilled 2009 Etz Kamptal Grüner Veltliner (a refreshing one liter bottle of Austrian wine with good dry acidity and white pepper finish that pairs well with spicy food) or a glass of unpasteurized sake from Japan. Even my friend Karl, a bartender at Michelin-starred Hatfield’s restaurant—had an offering for the night, a six-pack of pumpkin spiced beer to add to the eclectic mix of beverages.

After the novelty of nibbling on fresh lychees wore off, I demonstrated to my guests how they should go about creating their first course of the night.

First Course: Vietnamese Hand Roll

The Vietnamese hand roll–or a salad that requires using your fingers–is a lettuce-wrapped package of good flavor and texture. Using red leaf lettuce as a wrapper, you can fill it with vermicelli rice noodles, fresh herbs, and protein. For this event, I suggested to my friends they try using the unusual Thai protein I discovered—fish cake balls—and drizzle the whole thing in a spicy Vietnamese dipping sauce, Nuoc cham (fish sauce, Thai curry paste, Sriracha, sugar and garlic). To pair with this dish, I suggested a small glass of a light and floral unpasteurized sake, Hakushika junmai nama-chozo.

Vietnamese spring roll
The beginnings of a Vietnamese hand roll

No sooner had the words “fish balls” left my mouth, that the table erupted in a wave of nervous giggles. “Fish balls, you say?”

With leaves of lettuce in hand, my friends chuckled like a group of twelve-year-olds. “Those balls are awfully big for a fish!” They’d say as they crafted their own version of the hand roll. As my guests got progressively more goofy–“How does the poor thing swim with balls these big?”–I sighed with relief. Yes! This party was going to be fun after all.

Party Tip: Good comedy is a sure fire way to make any dinner party much, much more enjoyable.

assorted ramen noodles
An Assortment of Ramen Noodles for My Dinner Guests

Main course: Make your own bowl of ramen

When conversation lulled and plates from the first course emptied, it was time to get water boiling. I pulled out a box of ramen for my guests to choose the base flavors of their main course. Many of my friends gasped when they saw the amount of ramen I had waiting for them. Many of my friends hadn’t seen or tasted ramen since their starving-student days of college, while my friend Paige—a waiter and cheese expert—shared that she had never eaten a whole bowl of ramen in her entire entire life.

I gasped. This was her first taste of ramen noodles. This was going to have to be good.

A Make Your Own Ramen Bowl Party


Keeping track of the pots of boiling water was the trickiest part of the night. After my friend Leah picked a MSG and Mushroom-free ramen (she’s allergic), I suddenly doubted my organizational skills and—rather than see her experience any allergic reactions—I offered her simply boiled water that we doctored with fish sauce and soy to give it flavor. One family-sized Shiitake and Spinach Noodle box made enough for my husband and I to share. I poured the individual servings in vintage mixing bowls to allow for each guest to add as many toppings as they cared to. A cold glass of Beer Lao, a light and citrusy lager from Laos, was a perfect contrast to the spicy and hot soup.

Ramen Party and All the Assorted Creations

Party Tip: When dealing with guests with allergies, be sure to create a good labeling system to protect guests from cross-contamination.

Another Party Tip: If you are concerned about consuming MSG, skip the flavor packets inside the instant ramen noodles and make your own broth with water, soy, and fish sauce. Sesame oil is also a great flavor enhancer.


Because of the late hour of my post-work dinner party,  I relied on some friendly neighbors—our local ice cream shop Milk–to supply us with handmade sorbet. Coconut sorbet and mango complimented the Asian theme of the night and was a simply sweet finale to the evening.

Coconut and Mango Sorbet

With the last bite of sorbet devoured, a hush came over my guests. Late night digestion had set in. Paige rolled her eyes as she tapped her newly-minted ramen belly. “I’m so full,” she said. “I think it’s time I go.”And so, before the sun rose over Los Angeles, my guests left my house much more warm and comforted than when they arrived.

The menu

Project Food Blog Menu

*Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for voting for me and thank you for your patience and support throughout this entire voting process! Please keep on voting, just a couple more rounds until the final $10,000 final round! Voting Opens: 6AM Pacific Time October 4th through 6PM Pacific Time October 7th. Winners Announced: 12PM Pacific Time October 8th


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  1. This literally could not look more appealing to me. I love the table set-up, the market adventure, the handrolls- all of it. Well done and you definitely have my vote.

  2. omg I am so bummed I wasn’t able to make it to your impromptu party!! It looks and sounds delicious! And you know you have my vote for Project Food Blog!! xoxo

  3. October 2

    Ramen at Midnight, that’s a party! Great job. GREG

  4. Kikilarkin
    October 2

    It’s been about 13 years since the student diet…and i’ve never looked back until now, and now I might have to crack open a bag o’ noodles.

  5. October 3

    How fun is this idea?! I love it, an excellent social food engagement. Cheers!

  6. Frankly, those are my favorite hours to eat. Fish balls, huh? I would’ve been snorting noodles out my nose on those jokes. Great pics, as always and a really nice feel to the party, too. Love it, and you know, right…you always have my vote.

  7. October 4

    LOVE this idea! (may have to do it, too!)

  8. October 4

    What a fun idea! I’d definitely RSVP to that party. You have my vote!

  9. October 4

    Now that is what I call a dinner party! Fantastic in every way!

  10. So inspired by Ramen night. This would be a great activity for my kids and their friends. Lovely, lovely idea. Brooke, you are a wealth of info!! xx

  11. Brooke, this is such a well thought out impromptu dinner party. I need be to on my toes with ideas like you are. Looks like a blast & I need to give something like this a spin. Of course, you have my vote 🙂

  12. I love ramen. Believe it or not, one of the best ramen bowls I enjoyed was in Berlin a couple of years ago. Amaaaazing! Your party looks great and I can only imagine the smells and laughter. Your friend, Karl, has won me over with the Pumpkin Beer. I have an odd obsession with pumpkin and that combined with beer is so good!

  13. what i would give to have an after party like that to go to! Its brilliant, afterhours dinner! 🙂 congrats, i love it!

  14. October 4

    Just reading about this party puts a smile to my face! It sounded so fun and it definitely looked like your guests had a great time. What a delightful way to approach this challenge!

  15. October 4

    Looks like a fantastic party! Great post (ps I LOVE coconut sorbet;)

  16. October 4

    Love the concept of letting your guests decide what they’ll have for dinner. Love ramen, too! I definitely want an invite to your party! Well done! I’m a new reader… thanks to PFB I found your blog! Looking forward to your posts!

  17. October 5

    Hooray for late night ramen! How much fun you guys must’ve had. And I’ve seen those fish balls before. Of course I giggled like a child; who wouldn’t?! You have one of my votes:)

  18. October 5

    How fun! I just smile with delight – what a cool take on the post! A big vote from me! – Megs

  19. October 5

    Late night food adventuring and fish balls – I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about that?!

  20. I love the hands-on feel of this entire dinner party. Great job! My vote’s in. Good luck!

  21. This blows out of the water any preconceptions that dinner parties are stiff, formal and reliant on the best crystal being polished within an inch of its life. You’ve made me think about getting my friends involved more when they come round. It sounded like fantastic fun. You’ve got my vote.

  22. October 5

    Your menu sounds fabulous! Hope we both make it to the next round! 🙂 You have my vote!

  23. I would’ve loved to attend this party as I’m a big noodle fan. Great concept, love the menu and you got my vote. Good luck!

  24. October 6

    A do-it-yourself-type meal like this, hot pot, fondue, etc. is one of my favorite ways to bring people together over food. It also limits prep to chopping, which is nice. This sounds like such a fun event. Good luck this week, voting for you!

    Lick My Spoon

  25. November 1

    Everything looks so lovely! well done 🙂

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