1. 9/8/2011

    The honor was all mine. It is my treat to be having conversations like this with people like you. Thank you for spreading the jam and the word. Much love. -Soph

  2. 9/8/2011

    It is an interesting question. One I know you will have answered thoughtfully. I think I will go see just how thoughtfully. GREG

  3. Wonderful question and I truly enjoyed reading your answer Brooke. As for me, it does not change – to be a good wife, a good mother and a good human being… everything else is just icing on my cake!

  4. 9/8/2011

    Peace. Balance. The true desire to find meaning in everything. That is what I want out of life Brooke. I will dash over now to find out what is meaningful to you. Congrats on landing a gig at a colorful place :)

  5. 9/9/2011

    Mine changes throughout the seasons of my life but ultimately it surrounds my family and friends.

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