1. Wow, I can 100% relate to this, also being from the East Coast. It reminds me of that line from Broadcast News where the boss says sarcastically to Holly Hunter’s character, “It must be SO GREAT to know exactly what is best for everyone all the time.” And her big eyes fill with tears as she whispers, “No. It’s terrible.”

    As we let things go, amazing things come to us in their place.

  2. I completely relate. When you say, “…the first step in giving up control is having faith that everything will work out, as it should.” I couldn’t agree more. I often need to remind myself of that. I, too, wish I had control over outcomes but I remind myself to reflect on exactly what you said. “Everything will work out., as it should.”

    Great post, Brooke!

  3. Great post Brooke. I need to use this wisdom every day as a parent too. So hard to let go sometimes. Often. When I do the outcome is usually the BEST :)

  4. 3/19/2012

    Control, self-control, lack of control is all such a challenge! I just think, as humans, we are not wired to let the universe take care of it all. Could quite possibly work if we are living in an Ashram in India. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Brooke! I think you are doing wonderful things, even during those rare times when you do loose control – after all, you are only human!

  5. Coming to the realization that I can’t control what others think, feel or perceive was a big lesson for me. It’s a lesson I’m now trying to teach to my kids. Boy is it hard! I had never thought about how this applied to restaurant service. You’re right, it’s not as pretty when delivered “like a sledgehammer”.

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