1. Erin

    My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary at a well known Chef’s restaurant in Paris. The kitchen manager and serving team made us feel so special that it really was the most exquisite restaurant experience we ever had. By the time they gave us a complimentary dessert, I was so happy that I cried. Your point is exactly right – they all behaved as if OUR anniversary was the most important thing in the world to them. And we went back 2 nights later, and we will always return when we get back to Paris. By making our anniversary seem like the most important thing in their world, they have our loyalty for life! Great post, thanks.

  2. 12/29/2012

    Nothing like a great waiter to make one feel really special long after the food has been digested and the effects of fine wine have disappeared. Happy New Year Food Woolf! x

  3. 12/29/2012

    Wish every person in the industry would read this! I know I am MUCH more likely to visit again if the service was good.

  4. 12/30/2012

    Girl, you certainly know how to tap into the humanity of things. We go back to places that have happy people working there…makes such a BIG difference to feel welcome.

  5. 12/30/2012

    I find myself not returning to restaurants where we were not treated with dignity and respect. It’s all in how one makes another feel – just like in life. Thanks for your thought provoking post, Brooke. As always, take a simple concept and bring it to all of our consciousness!

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