1. 4/15/2013

    It’s always so eye opening to me to see how friends who know they are dying share such a wise perspective. I wish we could have that kind of clarity without the loss.
    Hugs to you!

  2. 4/15/2013

    I never wrot you, I´m a silent reader of your blog. But I understand the feeling, six months ago I lost my father. The week he passed away was very dificult to post something, to write anything. Luckily there´s a lot of people that understands and comforts you.
    It sounds that your friend was amazing, and you were lucky to get to know him so much. The grief is something that, as far as I understand, you will carry for lifetime. Until this day I can´t believe I cannot see my father. Thank you for the words, maybe writing this post heped you in some way. I´ll remember your friend words whenever I have tears in my eyes.
    Yes :)

  3. So sorry for your loss, Brooke. Life teaches us so many things, including saying yes to everything because we will never know what is in store in future. No regrets, and say yes!

  4. 4/18/2013

    This is the first blog post that I have read of yours and I am going to become an ardent fan. Your writing has captured the emotions of so many of us who have experienced the loss of loved ones. You have eloquently reminded us of the need to savor every minute of every day — good or bad — and to appreciate the positive qualities in all whose paths we cross…pain and joy.

    I am certain your high quality of life will be reflected in all of your writings, no matter what the exact subject.

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