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valentines day restaurant tableFinding good resources for inspiration or direct support within the food and beverage industry can be difficult. There are websites and food publications like Saveur, Lucky Peach, and Bon Appetit that may have helpful ideas you can use. Restaurant books, chef memoirs, and exposés on the service industry can give perspective and ideas. Reality television shows like Restaurant Impossible, Top Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares can entertain and teach by example.

But it is face-to-face conversations with restaurant professionals that many in the food and beverage business lack the most. Thanks to the restaurant industry’s long hours, pace of business, and fierce competition restaurant leaders can easily get isolated from each other. Many restaurant pros rarely see fellow comrades, unless they run into each other at the same late night noodle shop or bar. And even then, we are frequently too exhausted to share quality resources or ideas.

Restaurant Unstoppable: The Pod Cast

Last week I was approached by Eric Cacciatore, creator of Restaurant Unstoppable, to be a guest on his weekly podcast. Restaurant Unstoppable is a weekly radio show that features industry professionals’ insights and tips on what it takes to succeed in the food and beverage industry.  I had to admit I hadn’t heard of Eric’s show, but I was intrigued by his enthusiasm and dedication to growing an online resource for restaurant professionals.

Restaurant Unstoppable is a place where restaurant people can share insights and ideas that can be accessed at any time of the day. Bravo! I like what Eric is trying to do, so I agreed to be interviewed. Who doesn’t want to be part of building something cool?

Eric sent me a rather detailed questionnaire before our interview. His questions about what it’s like being a hospitality consultant got me thinking about simple solutions I could share with people in the restaurant business.

Here are a few hiring tips I shared:

  • Smile when you interview applicants.  If the applicant is unable to smile, don’t hire them if they are applying for a front of the house position.
  • Have open interviews once a month, even if you don’t need people. It lets your current staff know how important doing great work is and it keeps you open to finding extraordinary people.
  • Pay great people more. When you find great people, pay them a little bit more than average if you can afford it. Even $.50 more an hour can go a long way in making a difference in the choices of barista or counter person. Paying more encourage great people not to go elsewhere.
  • Feed your team. Once you get a great team, make sure they’re fed. Offering a great staff meal can go a long way in making your food workers happy and perform well.

I’m excited to share with you a link to my interview on the Restaurant Unstoppable podcast. Swing by and check it out. Eric does a great job with his show. You should definitely check out all of his podcasts!

And if you would like to contribute to Eric’s podcast, let him know. I know he’d love to hear from you!

6 Replies to “Restaurant Unstoppable”

  1. Brooke,
    On behalf of myself and everyone who will benefit form your words of advice, I would like to thank you for being an invaluable guest on my show. Its truly uplifting when professionals like yourself see and appreciate the value in collaborating to rise as one community. I look forward to any connections I have with you in the futures.

    If you are a restaurant professional and understand the value in collaboration, please connect with me. I’d love to have you as a guest on my show! Cheers to make restaurant dreams unstoppable one interview at a time.


  2. How fabulous to hear about a podcast like Eric’s. What you say is so true- that meeting of the minds in restaurants or food business really helps share ideas, give support and push forward ways to continue providing excellence to customers. It comes down to who do you trust and what challenges are you facing? I’m looking forward to hearing your interview on Restaurant Unstoppable, Brooke.

    1. Annelies,

      You nailed it when you said “support”. Its all about collaborating and sharing to rise as one at Restaurant Unstoppable. I hope the show provides value and you enjoy listening. Brooke offers up some incredible advice in the interview.

  3. First time I read about a person that is “truly” committed on helping people in the food business. Appreciative because she has gone through it all. Brooke is very authentic and honest. Love her blog!

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