• 1/9/2012

      Thanks Ben! Glad to know I could lend a spark of culinary inspiration to you!

  1. […] I have figured out a way to work Sriracha into many of my mainstay recipes, including sauteed kale, chicken banh mi,  caramel pork banh mi, and edamame dip. So when one of the food-loving employees at the […]

  2. […] and some daikon (that’s mooli for us UK peeps) i finally made (& slightly adapted) this chicken version last night and WOW WOW WOW it completley blew my mind. I’ve never been hit by a food buzz […]

  3. Breezy

    Hey there, I’m fairly new to cooking. Do I keep the chicken IN the marinade when I put it in the broiler? Thanks

  4. MyLastBite

    It’s 3am and now I’m HUNGRY. I’m definitely trying this recipe soon. THANKS!

  5. Lauren

    I’m so happy to see this recipe. Just had banh mi for dinner last night at our favorite Austin neighborhood Vietnamese Cafe, Tam Deli. Can’t wait to try this at home. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. 2/23/2010

    I have made this about 20 times. Totally killer.

  7. […] love so much for a living. You’ll cook, inspire, and change lives with a perfect scone, a great sandwich, a mouth watering steak, the perfect poached egg or an extraordinary […]

  8. Stefan

    Good recipe but whats with the ‘white guy’ reference? Just superflous. Americans are so concerned with race..

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