1. julie jams

    Loved the post! I wish I could try some.

  2. SinoSoul

    ooooo.. thanks for the reminder.. gonna ride out on Saturday for a great cup of locally brewed joe.

    Have you been to Jones Coffee in Pasadena?

  3. The Pinocchio Papers

    Thank you for the informative post about Cafecito. By chance I was at the Farmers Market in early April but was unaware of Cafecito. I discovered them through Flickr. I will order their coffee and wish I had a way to establish a Cafecito Organico coffe shop here in Tucson. Thanks for your blog. Jerry Poore – Tucson

  4. […] lot of time around caffeinated beverages now, thanks to my new job working for a Los Angeles-based organic coffee company. I have plenty of choices at arms reach: a brew of the day, a latte, or a perfect shot of espresso. […]

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