1. Jane Ridolfi

    This looks great! What a great alternative to guacamole…..and using it as a spread for sandwiches if brilliant!

  2. 2/4/2010

    Mmmmm, this is brilliant! Kind of like a twist on hummus. I love edamame and can already imagine how good this must taste. I’m with you–I’m not a sports fanatic, but bring on the food!

  3. 2/5/2010

    I think I may adapt this for white beans which I have on hand. Mmm… white bean dip is a thing that makes me happy. =)

  4. Died and gone to heaven. Edamame is wonderful in any form, but as a dip is brilliant!
    My gawd the pictures are beautiful Brooke! The lighting and exposure on the second photograph is gorgeous. Are you shooting on a full frame camera now? wow.

  5. 2/17/2010

    Just wanted to come back and tell you that I made this (and posted about it today!). It was FABULOUS! XOXO

    • Food Woolf

      Glad you enjoyed the recipe. Thanks for letting me know you posted my recipe!

  6. 2/17/2010

    This definitely is a superb idea for a late night snack! My bartender will be so pleased to come home to a healthy, homemade treat. Thanks, lady!

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