1. Thank you!! – (that was my soul burping from being fed so well ) 😀 Always love the journey you take me on.

    • Food Woolf

      thank you for your encouragement and fast read. I so appreciate the immediate feedback! xoxoxoxox

  2. 1/14/2011

    Life would be boring without the highs and lows – even if that means pain and heartache – thinking of you xxx

  3. Compartmentalizing life is a task we undertake only to fail at it all the time. I love my kids but sometimes I don’t like them. I’m sorry you’re going through some hard stuff. It doesn’t sound fun at all. But, I’m so happy you are taken care of and that you have persimmons. Lucky! Persimmons is so great. Enjoy it.

  4. I think that being able to hold on to enjoyment of the small things through sadness and difficulty can keep us afloat through tough times, and pave the way back to joy when sadness and difficulty pass. A turkey burger with persimmon can mean a lot.

  5. Sorry to hear you are going through some tough times. Having said that, things can’t be that bad when you take a look around and see that you are surrounded by people who love you. The proof is in this burger… 😉

  6. 1/15/2011

    I am often torn with guilt when a moment of silliness breaks the momentum caused by sorrow, grief, or worry. And then I feel guilty for not allowing those moments to surface more often.
    It is hard to give yourself permission to laugh, smile, and enjoy small things during a period of distress, but that makes us stronger and gives us endurance to be there when needed.
    I hope that you get to enjoy many more of these sweet moments in the New Year.
    (I have just discovered persimmons, and I know it is going to be a long-lived love affair:)

  7. I love hachiya persimmons! I could eat them by the dozen until I get a cotton-mouth lol. I also like to pair them in savory dishes. Theyr eally do taste wonderful!

  8. As the very wise Truvee said in Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” Wishing you strength through the storms.

    And I’m very excited to be planting a Hachiya persimmon tree in our yard.

  9. Hit “Submit” too soon — Persimmons are an apt metaphor — when they lose all their leaves for the winter, the fruits finally ripen — you wouldn’t see the beauty of the fruit if it weren’t for the loss.

  10. […] Rather than visit our usual neighborhood lunch spot, he’d serve us decadent open-faced turkey burgers he grilled that were draped in a blanket of melted cheese or a thick slice of over-ripe persimmon. […]

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