1. loved this! i went to NOLA last xmas but wound up sick for 2 days with a stomach flu! so i’m going back again this year…want to try brunch at commander’s palace for sure. would love to hear your thoughts about the safety of the seafood, since you probably heard a lot about it.

  2. 6/19/2011

    Great clip! Hope I see lots more. Thanks, Brooke, for making me think about how I can use my iPhone in more creative and delicious ways!

  3. 6/19/2011

    I like it! Especially the photo of you—nice!

  4. Very fun and excited to see/read more about the trip. You certainly captured the cultural flavors and rhythms of life there. Loved it 😀

  5. 6/21/2011

    Looks like so much fun!!!…….LOVED the video. do you have an iphone app for editing video clips on your iphone or did you do that editing on the computer?

    • Food Woolf

      Thanks for asking! I taught myself how to use iMovie on my mac really quickly and put this together. I do have an editing app on my iPhone but honestly, it wasn’t as intuitive as iMovie.
      Hope I get to see a movie from you soon! xoxo

  6. Brooke, your video is fabulous!! How fun and creative – a great way to capture the experiences we had in NOLA. Love how your wit, charm and fun personality shines with your new skills as a videographer :)

  7. […] assortment of bloggers and food writers from across the States–hand-picked to observe Louisiana’s seafood industries and partake in the state’s diverse food culture–sat around the conference room table […]

  8. […] Bourbon Orleans Hotel that have marketing materials that tout ghoulish history more than amenities. Brass bands paraded through the streets as second-liners [see glossary, below] danced a two step and waved handkerchiefs […]

  9. 6/23/2011

    Great video Brooke! Have not been to NOLA in years, this little piece has me itching to go back, not only for the food but the culture and the music! LOVE IT!

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