1. 10/24/2011

    What a great post, Brooke. Getting more and more into yoga has definitely encouraged me to increase my awareness so I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter.

  2. I really enjoy your last paragraph beginning, “So if you’re interested in better serving your customers or improving your life, I suggest…” I agree with all of this. I find that my life is simpler, happier, more relaxed, more complete etc when I am unplugged and take my blinders off.

  3. What a refreshing post. Too often I see people who are so glued to their phones, iPods, laptops, that they miss what’s happening in the world around them. Everyone could use a good “unplugging” every once in awhile.

  4. 10/31/2011

    I just drove by Sotto an hour ago and did the “ah-ha”. It used to be a restaurant that I would frequent with my dad and now it was something “newish”. Good for you Brooke, for growing and moving forward. So happy you are happy doing what you love to do!

  5. […] not careful, I’ll get ahead of myself and think three paragraphs into the future. I’ll edit and hyperlink text in my mind that I haven’t even written down yet. I’ll gulp down an entire cup of tea […]

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