1. 5/18/2012

    You are red and white baby radishes in your soul. they are the perfect metaphor. GREG

  2. 5/19/2012

    Thank you for reminding us all to keep it simple Brooke. Can I do this and juggle 50 things at once?? For me, a good yoga practice helps me stay in the moment no matter what is going on…

  3. Brooke,

    I am so happy to hear you are going back to service consulting; your passion! Just wonderful. Thank you for sharing this delicious, healthy and simple recipe!

  4. 5/21/2012

    Ooh, salted radishes are one of the best foods ever. Or even better–salted radishes with butter! I should eat these more often–thanks for the reminder!

  5. Scott

    I tried this simple recipe and loved it! I made two small changes… I used 1/2 a lime instead of a lemon and I used Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt from Beyond The Shaker dot com. Exquisite! Thanks for posting!

    • 5/23/2012

      Scott, I like the amendments and changes you made. Sometimes lime tastes soooo much better than lemon as a base for a dressing. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I’m happy to hear you are able to take a bit of time and relax. We all need a bit of that in our lives. :)

  7. 6/15/2012

    Ooh, salted radishes, my favorite! I slip a little softened butter on the end before dipping it in the salt, there is nothing quite like it. I practically overdose on radishes from May to July every year!

  8. 6/22/2012

    There is such beauty in simple things like these =)

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