1. 7/20/2012

    Love that little bit ‘o spice with the melon! A beautiful summer salad Brooke :)

  2. 7/20/2012

    What a perfect summer salad. Wish I had a big bowl full of this right now! :)

  3. Yes, please! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the creations at Sycamore kitchen!

  4. 7/20/2012

    My father-in-law would flip his lid for a salad like this–he used to grow an astounding variety of melons in his garden, and served everyone full melon halves for dessert all summer long. :) Love it!

  5. 7/23/2012

    Perfect for a summer grill or picnic. I love fruit salad – forget the chicken…I’d eat this for my meal!

  6. 7/24/2012

    I love the combo of sweet melon with spicy chili. This looks fantastic, Brooke!

  7. 8/3/2012

    What a beautiful salad and a lovely reflection on what it takes to get a new restaurant up and going. I know that the work is long, but the reward is sweet. Thank you for sharing!

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