1. 12/19/2012

    Oooooo I love the idea of a service ninja!! This post will help many business owners and people looking to be of service.

  2. You write the most meaningful posts. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to peer into the world of service and bussing.

  3. […] in my Service 101 essay series. I spoke about the need for restaurants to consider teaching  better bussing. I wrote about restaurant concepts that work, why guests should keep an open mind when visiting […]

  4. Jan

    Interesting! Hope more restaurants make copies and include it in their training!!

  5. george in seattle

    i just ran into your blog and i’m catching up on your posts. Great work and thank you. I wanted to comment on this post since nothing leaves a better impression for me than bussers. When I see a happy busser that takes pride in his/her work, I know management is on top of its game and is focused on service, the customer, and his/her people. These are the restaurants I return to.

  6. Ben

    I’m quite glad to have found your website. I’ve been in high-end off-premise catering for more than a decade, and it’s remarkable how poorly the bussers are often treated. It is truly a service requiring finesse and a great deal of practice. I’ll certainly bring this up in a meeting with management next week.
    I will certainly be looking out for further posts from you.
    Thank you.

  7. Interested

    I have just recently been hired as a busser for the first time, this post is very helpful! I found that they were not so detail oriented on my first day of training, it was a bit wishy washy so I will have to brush up on these next time. Thank you!

  8. Pat Rooney

    Why do busspersons clear dirty dishes and then handle clean dishes as they set tables? Can’t germs be transferred? Cold sores, flu germs, etc. if hands are not washed between handling dirty dishes and clean dishes?

  9. A great busser creates a top notch experience for the guests. It also transforms a waiter’s evening as well. The best waiters notice great bussers and reward them for it. A little extra tip out goes a long way.

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